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“You have put together an incredibly useful, informative, elegant, and comprehensive system for the key elements involved in managing and marketing a healthcare practice. You make it easy for physicians and other clinicians to understand marketing and sound business practices for a profitable practice - and put those practices into place quickly and effectively.”
- Harvey N., MD, Oncologist
  Welcome! Our popular programs provide tools and techniques for streamlining your practice management, broadening your referral and patient base, and improving your business results.

  Medical Practice Management  
  Here is a convenient and comprehensive system for you to increase the revenues of your healthcare practice by broadening your patient and referral base, educating the community about your practice, and developing the most effective service offerings. Leading healthcare marketing and practice management experts Joseph Grano, Jr. and Andrew Neitlich have created a unique system that is concise, extremely well-organized and powerful. Learn more.

Medical Practice Management

  Medical Practice Management  
  Almost every healthcare practice has the opportunity to improve operations, billings, and efficiency while maintaining quality of care. This program includes a practice management "audit" and concise, elegant checklists for you to streamline your practice management and improve profits in your healthcare practice. Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100% . Learn more.

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